#cidertruths No. 01

It Takes Real Apples
And Real Time To
Make Real Cider.

#cidertruths No. 02

If It Doesn’t Grow
On Trees, Don’t Put
It In Your Cider.

#cidertruths No. 05

There Is
No Alternative
To Real.

#cidertruths No. 08

Real Flavour
Is Pressed,
Not Processed.

#cidertruths No. 09

Real Taste
Comes From Fruit,
Not Additives.


At the BC Tree Fruits Cider Co., we know that real cider is made with locally sourced apples, fresh–pressed and fermented using traditional methods. with nothing added and nothing taken away.

On the other hand, many mainstream cider brands and large breweries mass produce their cider, and have a much different truth to tell. Instead of being made from 100% apple juice as a true cider should be, they’re made with a tiny bit of apple juice and a whole lot of sugar–water.

You see, mass produced cider is mostly made from apple concentrate, water, added sugar and artificial flavourings. Things added to make up for the apple character that was never there in the first place. And here’s the crafty part, it’s advertised and presented to consumers as cider made with real apples. Well, you may find traces of real apple in there somewhere, but it’s a far cry from the fresh–pressed craft cider we make. A cider made from 100% hand–picked apples — grown by local BC Tree Fruits growers — all just a stone’s throw from our cidery. Around here, it’s the whole apple and nothing but the apple.

How They’re Made

With fermented apple juice concentrate, glucose syrup, fermenting corn starch syrup which is then diluted with water.

How We’re Made

From 100% fresh–pressed BC apples,
and nothing else.


Here’s To
Being Real.

Using 100% fresh apple–juice, pressed from a premium blend of our own Okanagan apples, every glass of Broken Ladder Craft Cider starts off pure and finishes clean. There’s just no room or need for anything else. It’s a refreshing, well–balanced cider that we’re proud to call true to the core.