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Encouraging the adoption of organics.

GoBio! is the always-organic cooking and baking brand that is devoted to providing convenient organic products and ingredients that support people’s efforts to prepare wholesome, great-tasting, better-for-you foods at home. We helped them create a brand, tagline, and packaging system that better represented their growing range of products.

Make it organic.

Branding an organic food company is a unique challenge. The organic market is growing fast and each category is becoming more saturated. While organic foods are in high demand, new products are emerging every day to meet consumers’ growing interest. Our work with GoBio! focused on helping their products be found, chosen, used, repurchased, and of course, shared. We believe organic food producers and marketers must do more to position themselves as competitive alternatives to traditional food providers. This meant developing a brand that presented GoBio! products not simply as organic food, but as a way of improving personal health, lifestyle and environmental conscience.

The GoBio! logo visually represents the rallying cry of the brand name.

A whole range of recipe images were developed, which also take centre stage on the packaging design.

A range of packaging formats were developed with a consistent visual treatment in order to aid brand recall.

A range of candy products with accompanying illustrations provide choice for organic consumers looking for a sweet treat.

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