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North Vancouver’s people, places, and past.

Much of North Vancouver’s rich history, folklore and greatest achievements have taken place along Vancouver’s North Shore. So, when the North Vancouver Museum and Archives approached us to help create a new name, identity, and design system for their new Museum, we were all eyes and ears. The Museum is a place where the stories of North Vancouver’s people, places and past come to life. Our objectives were to create a memorable brand that could forge an emotional connection with its collaborators, visitors, and community – tapping into residents’ pride of place.

Bringing stories to life.

MONOVA is a unique name created by using an acronym of “Museum Of NOrth VAncouver.” Easy to say, memorable, and contemporary it speaks directly to who and what the museum is. The name is brought to life as a custom typographic wordmark which embodies the character of the museum by evoking a sense of engagement, lively interaction, and encouraging exploration and discovery. Created to visually reflect the landscape of North Vancouver, the wordmark dips below, and rises above a “horizon” or “shoreline” inspired by the importance of the water and the mountains which both play an integral part in all the stories of North Vancouver’s history, and future.

The MONOVA brand employs a flexible identity system that both visually suggests the landscape and industry that has shaped North Vancouver, while also encouraging a sense of intrigue, curiosity and exploration. Importantly, it also reflects the thinking, character, and interests of a wide range of collaborators. Projects such as this have a large and varied stakeholder group, who all worked together to bring a shared vision for the mew museum to life.

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