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Renewed freshness comes to market.

For more than 30 years, Lonsdale Quay Market has been a vital part of the Lower Lonsdale community. Housing a collection of retail food vendors, shops, crafters, and a food court, the market developed into a welcoming multi-use destination and gathering place on the North Shore waterfront. For many years the Market’s iconic Q Tower stood alone to mark the only real public destination in Lower Lonsdale.

Eat fresh. Live local.

Recently, the waterfront surrounding the Market has undergone massive redevelopment and is quickly becoming a regional attraction of its own. The timing was right for Lonsdale Quay Market to begin a complete redevelopment that aims to put fresh focus on unique culinary and social experiences. Our brand identity platform was created to ensure that The Quay Market & Food Hall is positioned to capture new interest while remaining true to its more than 30-year history.

A subtle update to the famous Q provided a platform for the rest of the brand identity. Multiple elements were created to support the wordmark based on the new name.

A series of spot illustrations were developed to provide a toolkit for communications and storytelling. They also provided a way to help quickly identify event themes which will take place in the expanded public spaces that the market will provide to the community.

If’s approachability and collaborative style is what really set them apart – they take the time to truly understand our objectives and vision, and have ended up feeling like a part of our team in the process.”

– Taylor Mathieson, President, Quay North Urban Developments

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